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A lovely 2 story 4 bedroom house in a quite estate in walking distance of Naas town with plenty of off street ...

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Naas Area Description

Naas: Nás na Ríogh or An Nás is the county town of County Kildare in Ireland. With a population of 20,713 it is also the 2nd largest town in the county in terms of Population, but is the largest town in terms of boundaries and area also with many hinterlands.

Naas is a major commuter suburb, with many people residing there and working in Dublin. The nearby N7 Naas Dual Carriageway connects Naas with Dublin and the M50 Motorway. The M7 Motorway Connects Naas with the South and South West.

The Irish language name for Naas, Nás na Ríogh, literally translates as Meeting Place of the Kings. The town historically hosted meetings of pre-Norman Irish kings from the Kingdom of Leinster.[citation needed] After the Norman invasion in 1169 to 71 AD, some meetings of the Parliament of Ireland were held in the town.Many of the earlier settlers in Kildare were Cambro-Normans from Wales therefore the medieval church was dedicated to Saint David.

In the Middle Ages, Naas became a walled market town and was occasionally raided by the O'Byrne and O'Toole clans from the nearby area which became County Wicklow. Naas features on the 1598 map by Abraham Ortelius as "Nosse". (It is worth noticing the "O Byrne" and "O Tolo" (O'Toole) names appearing prominently on the map).

A mayor and council were selected by the richer merchants and landowners. The mayor was titled the "Sovereign of Naas" and carried a ceremonial mace until the post was abolished in 1840. Naas became known as the "county town" of County Kildare because of its importance as a place for trading, public meetings, local administration including law courts, racecourses and the army's Devoy Barracks (closed 1998).

Source : Wikipedia

Naas House Prices

Date SOLD Address Selling Price
2017-10-09 84 Oldbridge Grove, Naas, Co Kildare, W91 WTW1 € 331658
2017-10-06 10 Monread Crescent, Naas, Kildare, W91 DKE8 € 332000
2017-10-04 21 Finlay Park, Old Carragh Road, Naas € 350000
2017-10-04 23 Kerdiff Court, Naas, Kildare, W91 EYX8 € 140000
2017-09-21 18 The Drive, Piper's Hill, Naas € 440528
2017-09-21 5 The Waterfront, The Harbour, Naas € 162000
2017-09-20 18 Oldtown Green, Naas, Kildare, W91 TR2R € 295000
2017-09-19 3b Maryfield Court, Monread Rd, Naas € 212000
2017-09-18 274 Oldbridge Station, Osberstown, Naas € 277533
2017-09-15 250 Sundays Well, Naas, Kildare, W91 W72K € 305000
2017-09-15 26 Monread Gardens, Naas, Kildare, W91 K3EC € 276000
2017-09-14 61 Gleann Na Riogh, Monread, Naas, W91 EYW8 € 318000
2017-09-13 10 Gleann Na Riogh Close, Naas, Kildare, W91 R9CN € 325000
2017-09-11 1 The Crescent Pipers Hill, Naas € 422900
2017-09-07 85 Landen Park, Oldtown Demesne, Naas € 334801
2017-09-06 273 Oldbridge Station, Osberstown, Naas € 277533
2017-09-05 14 Oldbridge, Osberstown, Naas Kildare, W91 W6WF € 232000
2017-09-04 172 Aylmer Park, Naas, Kildare, W91 D2FA € 350000
2017-09-04 19 St Conleths Terrace, Naas, Kildare, W91 W8YW € 215000
2017-09-04 25 The Drive, Piper's Hill, Naas € 392000
2017-09-01 110 Landen Park, Oldtown Demesne, Naas € 462555
2017-09-01 5 Friary Gate, Naas, Kildare € 175000
2017-08-31 14 Monread Brook, Monread Ave, Naas, W91 ND78 € 186000
2017-08-31 Eagles Rest, Barretstown, Naas € 420000
2017-08-29 351 Sundays Well, Blessington Rd, Naas € 320000
2017-08-29 61 Landen Park, Oldtown Demesne, Naas € 453744
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